Come see us for all of your safe body jewelry needs.  We are aware that a vast amount of the population are sensitive to certain alloys. For that reason we strictly only carry medical implant grade materials with certifications available upon request. Being a 100% nickel free studio, your choice of jewelry should only be based on your personal aesthetic preferences. Jewelry alloy options include:


Titanium is most commonly known for their usage in the surgery field such as in implanted pace makers and bone screws. Titanium is very durable providing a piece of mind knowing that your gems will not fall out. Titanium is also very versatile which allows us to transform the color into any color of the rainbow. This transformation is called anodizing. Anodizing is a safe chemical free, lead free, and dye free. The titanium remains at its natural state so therefore is not coated with harmful paints that harbor bacteria, chip off inside of the body and can stain the skin.   

14 and 18kt white, rose and yellow gold:

Gold is a precious stone that can be molded into any shape. With gold you are no longer limited a standard bezel or prong set gem. We frequently introduce new gold jewelry designs. Examples of jewelry options are not limited to small triangles, flowers, music notes, hearts, scissors, bees and the list continues endlessly. Most of our jewelry selection come with an accent of a precious gemstone, crystal or genuine diamonds. Custom pieces available upon request.


Niobium is similar to titanium, durable and versatile. Can be anodized into any color of the rainbow. Also niobium is excellent for hoops because of its flexibility allowing you to change your jewelry without tools. This metal goes through an annealing process of heating up twice and cooling down slowly which gives it its flexibility without compromising its integrity.

Implant grade steel:

Implant grade steel is just as safe as out other materials. With implant grade steel we are able to achieve an admirable mirror finish polish that remains long after time. Implant grade steel is very durable and is and excellent choice for people not trying to wear color bars or hoops. For this reason implant grade steel is a common preference for most basic jewelry.

You can find a ample selection of jewelry options for your cartilage piercings (Helix, Daith, Tragus, Rook, Industrial, Conch, Forward Helix, and ear lobe) navel, tongue, nostril, septum, lip, genital, surface anchor, surface bar, stretched ear lobes, and traditional ear lobe hanging jewelry.