We carry only the highest quality, implant grade jewelry. With so many clients having sensitivities to certain alloys and materials, we choose to only carry medical implant grade materials with mill certificates available upon request. Your choice of jewelry should only be dependent on your personal aesthetic goals.

All of the threadless backings we use for piercings are made from implant-grade titanium.

Just some of the materials we offer include:


Titanium is most commonly known for its uses in the medical industry. It’s used in pacemakers, surgical screws, pins, and plates – an alloy designed with body safety and bio-compatability in mind. This is why we choose to use it so frequently. We carry titanium that is ASTM F-136 compliant, which is the Association of Professional Piercers’ recommended standard. It’s highly resistant to corrosion, and is a very light weight; this makes it a great option especially for larger jewelry sizes. Titanium can also be anodized a variety of colors if you’re looking for a certain color scheme.
Most of the backings we place in fresh piercings are made from titanium, as are a variety of the threadless ends we stock.

14 and 18kt white, rose and yellow gold:

Gold is a wonderful material for use in jewelry making, mostly due to its malleability and resistance to corrosion. There is a much wider range of shapes and designs to choose from in our gold selection as opposed to our titanium, because it can be easily molded into more intricate and delicate pieces. We carry a selection of 14k and 18k pieces, which means that the gold used has been alloyed to allow for more stability and less worry of breakage. Yellow, rose, and white gold are the current gold options that we carry, along with a select few pieces in black gold.


Niobium is a very similar material to titanium. It is also resistant to corrosion, but significantly softer due to the annealing process it goes through when being shaped in the jewelry it’s used for. This makes it a wonderful choice for rings because it’s easy to bend it into place without marring the finish or compromising the integrity of the piece. Because it is elemental (nothing is added to it), it doesn’t require an ASTM rating. This also aids in its biocompatibility.

Implant grade steel:

We carry implant grade steel that passes APP standards, and is rated bio-compatible and safe for implantation by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The alloy used in high-quality, implant-grade steel is ASTM F-138 compliant, and it is one of the very few steel alloys that passes the criteria set for body jewelry. 


You can find an ample selection of jewelry that is suitable for immediate wear in either of our locations. We can also order custom pieces for you from many of our companies. Contact us for details regarding pricing and placing your order.

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