How to care for your piercing

We at Envy Body Piercing believe aftercare doesnt have to be tedious or time-consuming- for healing we believe less is more. When you get an ear, facial, or body piercing there are two forms of aftercare we suggest; one method with saline, and the other with your normal body wash.

Body wash:

For aftercare with body wash, all we'd like you to do is take a shower regularly- take your normal body wash, work up a rich lather, and apply the bubbles to the area around the piercing. Don't rub it in- just lightly dab the bubbles on to the area. Let the lather sit for the whole shower to soften the scabs and discharge, and before you get out let warm water rinse over the area and wash all of the soap away. Once you exit the shower, let your piercing air dry; there is no reason to use alcohol, peroxide, bactine, ointments, or cotton swabs around your new piercing. In fact, using any of those products can cause issues with your healing piercing by drying out the tissue, and with prolonged use can cause chemical burns. Your body's natural healing abilities and a bit of soap and water do more than enough when it comes to healing a piercing. 

Saline wound wash:

Another popular, safe method for aftercare is sterile saline wound wash, which we sell in-studio and can also be purchased in the first aid secton of many pharmacies. Sterile saline wound wash is a safe alternative to body wash, as it is a perfectly balanced sterile solution that gets along with most people's bodies very well. To heal a piercing with sterile saline wound wash, just spray wound wash on and around the piercing site and let it sit for 5 or so minutes while you are getting ready for a shower. Let it sit for the duration of the shower, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water before you get out, to make sure all of the saline rinses away- if allowed to dry on the piercing, wound wash can leave salt behind which can be drying and irritating to your healing piercing. After you get out, just let your piercing air dry- theres no need to follow up with alcohol, bactine, cotton swabs, peroxide, or any ointments or creams. Your body's natural healing abilities and a little bit of saline and water do a great job together when it comes to healing piercings. 

Genital piercing aftercare:

For genital piercings, less is more. When it comes to caring for genital piercings, we suggest you shower regularly, and you can either use the sterile saline wound wash method as described above, or just rinse with warm water in the shower. Your body will take care of the rest! 

Oral Piercing aftercare:

For oral piercings (tongue, lip, philtrum, webbing) we suggest you brush your teeth regularly, and rinse your mouth with fresh water following meals and snacks. It's best to abstain from smoking, consuming alcohol, and for your comfort, spicy foods for the initial 2-3 weeks of healing. Your body will take care of the rest!