Caring for your new piercing.

We at Envy Body Piercing are firm believers of the ‘less is more’ way of thinking. Aftercare doesn’t need to be tedious or time-consuming. Whether you get a facial, ear, body, or genital piercing, there are two methods of aftercare we suggest; one method using sterile saline, and the other using your normal body wash. Neither is better than the other, it’s all up to your personal preference and what makes you most comfortable.

Saline Wound Wash: Another popular, safe method of aftercare is sterile saline wound wash. We sell NeilMed sterile saline in-studio in a small or large option, but you can also find it in the first aid section of most pharmacies. Sterile saline wound wash is a safe alternative to body wash, as it’s a perfectly balanced sterile solution that works well for just about any body. To use, spray your fresh piercing down with the saline and let it sit for 5 minutes while you get ready for a shower. Let it sit for the duration of your shower and then rinse thoroughly with warm water before you get out. You want to be sure all of the saline is rinsed off – if allowed to dry on the piercing, wound wash can leave salt behind which can be drying and irritating to your healing piercing. Same as with the body wash option, there’s no need for any follow up with alcohol, bactine, peroxide, or any other creams, ointments, or q-tips.

Body Wash: Our standard aftercare routine makes use of the time when you’re already in the shower – so you don’t have to add any extra steps in. While you’re in the shower, work up a rich lather with your usual body wash (as long as it’s not antibacterial or tea tree based), and apply the bubbles to the area around the piercing. You don’t have to rub it in – just lightly pat them on like a bubble beard. Let the lather sit for the duration of the shower to soften up any discharge and scabs, and rinse the area well with warm water before you exit the shower. Let your piercing air dry, don’t try and scrub it dry with your towel because you risk snagging the piercing and causing extra trauma. There’s no need to use alcohol, peroxide, bactine, or other ointments on your new piercing. These products cause excessive dryness which can prolong your healing time. Also, steer clear of q-tips! We know you want to get all those crusty bits off, but they’re meant to be there, and q-tips tend to leave fibers wrapped around the jewelry that can cause serious irritation. Your body’s natural healing abilities and a little bit of soap and water will go a long way towards healing your piercing. 

Oral piercing aftercare: For any oral piercings, we suggest sticking to your usual oral care routine – no need to add in mouthwash if you aren’t already using it. If you do use a mouthwash, a switch to an alcohol-free option will be a lot more comfortable during your healing process. It’s best to abstain from smoking, consuming alcohol, and for your comfort, spicy foods for the initial 2-3 weeks of healing. Keep an eye on the length of your jewelry, and be sure to come in for a downsize if necessary to keep from damaging your teeth or gums!

Genital piercing aftercare: Less is more! When caring for genital piercings, we recommend just keeping to your regular shower routine, and rinse with either warm water or saline in the shower. Your body is going to take care of the rest!