• WASH in the shower making sure you washed your hands first,then use SOAP no more than once or twice. Only clean While showering, lather up a small size drop of soap to clean the jewelry and the piercing. Leave the cleanser on the piercing no more than thirty seconds.

• RINSE thoroughly to remove all traces of the soap from the piercing. Do not  rotate the jewelry through the piercing.

• DRY by gently patting with clean, disposable paper products. towels can harbor bacteria and snag on jewelry, which can prolong healing.

•come in for one month check up


Mechanical Friction, i.e. Clothing bands, rotating, touching, adjusting or cleaning with a q-tip or cotton balls/pads. 

Contact with others' bodily fluids as well as dirty bodies of water such as lakes, hot tubs, pools and oceans.  

Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, 

Anti-Bacterial Soap as it can delay healing by damaging the cells as well as any ointments, they don't allow the piercing to breathe.

Bactine and "piercing aftercare solutions" or other solutions with benzolkonium chloride (bzk).