Elizabeth was born in the friendly sunny city of San Diego. Elizabeth trained to be a piercer in San Diego in the year of 2009. Soon after relocated to the wonderful city of Los Angeles where body piercings enthusiasts are everywhere. 

Elizabeth had a long journey of networking as much as possible to broaden her horizons in the body piercing industry. Always pursuing to learn more to provide the best service possible.

Elizabeth travels every year to a body piercing conference. Where body piercers come from all over the world to take classes. Safe and clean piercings are the number one priority in class.

There she met Danny another peer that is passionate about the trade. 

Now has the wonderful pleasure to work with the Envy family.

Elizabeth loves what she does. And does not hesitate to put different color pieces together to give you a unique custom ear. 

Elizabeth has had training in CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens and is registered with the Los Angeles Health Department.