So you want to stretch your piercings...

Great! First things first, are your piercings well-healed (over a year old)? Do you know the appropriate steps to take for a happy and healthy stretching journey?

If you don't, we're here to help! 

We have the tools to successfully stretch your piercings safely. We carry a wide range of single-flared stone and glass plugs, which are the ideal materials for freshly stretched piercings, and we can assist you in getting to the next size without forcing things! At Envy, we want to ensure that your piercings continue to look good as you stretch and that you don't face any complications in the process. 

We offer this service for free with the purchase of any jewelry necessary for stretching! 


For more reading on the subject, please see the Association of Professional Piercer's brochure on the subject of stretching.